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Flying Angels Aviary
Tiny Angels with the personality of an Amazon Parrot.
They are playful, active, can learn to speak, and love to have neck rubs. Some will even cuddle with
you while you watch TV, read a book or just relax.  

HOWEVER, BEWARE, we do not recommend trying to sleep with your Tiny Angel, this can be quite
hazardous to a little birds health and well being!!!!

They have a feisty attitude, are fearless in nature. Despite that..they are a quiet, NON-destructive
bird like some of their larger friends and can be kept very well in an apartment.

My little guys are all hand feed, socialized with humans.  They al have close bands on that are
registered traceable bands.   Each one comes with a health certificate and the food they are
currently eating.

Register bands are from the International Parrotlet Society.

I also have registered pure breed American Singer  for sale.
For sale:
American Singers
$80.00 and up
$50.00 females

150.00 and up
Joey plays peekaboo
Joey says "want
your broccoli
Joey saying"tickle
tickle ticlke" and
"dancey, dancey,
Joey says
"mommies big Joe
Click on the picture and listen to Joey the parrotlet talk
.. "mommys big boy"
10 minutes from Buffalo International Airport
Meet Rudi and Tinkerbell